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How your donations will support our work.

On the women’s side of the work we are looking towards covering the following costs. We are able to generate funds from the activities of the charity for the core costs of providing accommodation and basic food. But since these women have very limited access to money, typical costs that may arise are as follows.

  • Paying fares for mothers to attend legal meetings, picking up children from school, health related visits, attend counselling sessions, attend parenting groups and any form of training we may be able to organise for them.
  • Pay child care costs while the mother attends training or counselling.
  • Costs towards training we feel is beneficial for increasing their basic literacy and numeracy skills and general employability skills.
  • Purchase of essential items of clothing or household items.
  • Basic food and laundry facilities.

We would be very grateful for your support.

On the men’s side of our work, quite a large proportion of our client group have experience of street homelessness at one point or other. This may mean that they have lost crucial documents that are proof of their identity without which they cannot take up employment or move on with their lives. Some of them come to us with just the clothes in which they stand in. We also endeavour to provide free laundry facilities, breakfast and dinner for our clients – costs that cannot be met by housing benefits. We believe that these are basic services necessary to keep our client group stable enough to manage the transition from a life on benefits to employment. Your donations would generally go towards covering the following costs.

  • Application for or replacement of lost identification documents where necessary.
  • Clothing and small items relating to personal hygiene.
  • Travel costs to attend work placements and volunteering opportunities.
  • Basic food and laundry facilities.
  • One off training costs which could make a substantial difference to their personal circumstances.
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