Homeowners / Investors

Homeowners / Investors

We would welcome homeowners as part of Just Homes. You may be in one of the following situations.

  • Going abroad for a period of time and wanting to let your home.
  • Moving elsewhere to rent or buy and not wanting to sell your house at present.
  • You would like to invest in a property that may be used by Just Homes.

After you have contacted us we would arrange a meeting with you. If you are considering letting your property to us we would come out and see the property.

  • Discuss any issues such as consents where appropriate (e.g. house in multiple occupation, planning), certification for utilities etc.
  • Discuss with you what you need as a rental payment for instance to cover mortgage and other outgoing or to provide a certain level of income.
  • Discuss and agree on a management contract or lease for the property.
  • If you are considering investing in a property we would
    • Meet to discuss needs and expectations.
    • Agree on property type to acquire.
    • Put a report together to regarding refurbishment and an expected return on the property.
    • Management of the acquisition process including liaising with agents, solicitors etc.

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