The Need


Newham is one of the poorest boroughs of London. It faces a major housing crisis in terms of affordable housing and issues related to overcrowding. It also has serious unemployment statistics compounded by low employability skills.


The relatively low living costs in the borough serve to attract more than its fair share of immigrants to this part of the world. Breaking the viscous cycle of ‘No job no home’ is a major challenge for quite a few in this category. Single homeless seems to be most at odds as finding suitable accommodation. Affordable rent levels, support and motivation to increase skill levels and finding a job continues to be major barriers.

Newham has one of the most ethnically diverse populations of any borough in London. These include both EU and non-EU migrants. Some of these are women with babies who have been abandoned here by husbands or partners that no longer want them. Some have been brought into this country as children but have stayed with friends or relations. Other have been trafficked and have now escaped their enslavers. They have no legal status in this country but often face life threats if they are to return back to their country of origin and have been abandoned by their own families.