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People should be able to live in a place where they feel secure and safe, where their privacy is protected free from fear of intimidation or the fear of eviction.

People should have a good place to live regardless of their income, including entitlement to benefits.

People should be able to move on with their lives by better access to the job market.

People should respect where they live, and work on achieving good and supportive relationships with others in the same accommodation.

People should be able to move on from temporary accommodation into more permanent accommodation.

We value difference and inclusiveness. We will seek to provide equality of opportunity, and will take positive steps for those who are marginalized in access to housing and support.


The directors of Just Homes include:

Rev Bruce Stokes
Minister at Woodgrange Baptist Church, London E7.

Brother Vaughan
Br Vaughan (Anglican Franciscan Friar) working for Praxis Community Projects keen interest in social justice particularly in relation to immigration.

Alison Gelder
Alison is Chief Executive of Housing Justice, the national ecumenical Christian voice on church action on housing and homelessness

Chris Aston
Experience of management in social housing

Chief Executive
Christina Baby
Christina has 15 years of experience in managing supported accommodation and supported Social enterprises for homeless clients

Registered office
Latimer Hall
Cleves Road
London E6 1QF
Registered charity number 1128311
Registered Company number 06777157

Annual accounts/Report of directors


One of the significant features of Just Homes is the support provided for our clients to find employment and move on into more permanent accommodation. Our accommodation provision is in Newham but we work with, and accept referrals from, other boroughs. Just Homes (formerly known as the Christian Care Centre) has over forty years of experience in many of the issues that face those in housing need and has well developed referral links with other agencies.

We work closely with :-

First Fruit (FF)

A charity running social enterprises which provide work for unemployed people including recycling clothes, a snack bar in a local health centre and charity shop selling a variety of new and old gift items and clothes. Since its establishment in 1997 FF has, on average, supported 30 to 40 individuals a year into employment and independent living. More on First Fruit>>

Transform Newham (TN)
A charity in regular touch with up to 100 churches in Newham, crossing denominational and other boundaries. Transform Newham supports us by providing us with volunteers for our social enterprises and with our clothes recycling project. Transform Newham also supports up to 40 groups working cross-church into the community, from Saturday breakfasts for homeless people to projects that combat street violence among young people. More on Transform Newham>>

Alternatives A charity offering pregnancy crisis counselling and post-abortion counselling. It provides long-term support for mothers who choose to keep their babies, including by offering parenting classes. More on Alternatives>>

Praxis Its mission is to be with displaced communities, listening and acting through our common humanity to create and nurture reconciliation, human rights and social justice. More on Praxis

Housing Justice
A national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing. It offers training, advice and support for churches, community projects and individual Christians working to help people in housing need across the UK. It also campaigns for changes in legislation and improvements in housing conditions. More on Housing Justice

This is a national organisation which provides support, education and training for single homeless people. More on Crisis

Business in the Community
This organisation provides two to four week unpaid work placements in retail and office work. More on Business in the Community

This initiative is run by the London Borough of Newham to provide employment support to Newham residents. More on Workplace

Just Homes works with other agencies in the fields of asylum, refugee, social services and homelessness both locally and nationally.