Men’s project referralsWomen’s project referrals

Just Homes accepts referrals from: Housing Agencies, Social Services, Advice Centres, Probation Offices, Religious Organisations. We also accept self-referrals for men’s accommodation. We will always take steps to check the authenticity of any referrals received.

Men’s project referrals


  • Single male aged between 18-59.
  • Actively seeking work.
  • JSA claimants who are British citizens and those who have a right to reside in this country.
  • EU Nationals who are on JSA and who can claim HB.
  • Willingness to comply with projects aims, ethos and conditions of residence.

We run ‘jobs-led’ hostels and do not accept clients who have an active or recent substance or alcohol problem. We do accept applications from ex-offenders but any offer will be subject to our risk assessment. We do not usually accept offenders with a history of violence or property convictions. We do not accept people who are ESA claimants.

Accommodation provision: Single room in a hostel setting with shared facilities. A cooked evening meal, facilities for making a packed lunch and a self-service breakfast with cereal, bread etc. are provided free of charge to every resident. There are also free laundry facilities available. Residents are not allowed to cook for themselves.

Support:. We provide one-to-one and group support to find work, maintain income and develop skills to move into independent living. We also work with a variety of partner organisations to provide specialist support.

Please read our Conditions of Residence for further details. Click here for Conditions of Residence.
Click here for the application form – Men’s project.

Women’s project referrals:


  • No recourse to public funds.
  • Women with child(ren) or pregnant and homeless.
  • Has application or appeal with Home Office / NASS or willing to make one.
  • In exceptional circumstance a couple with children may be accepted.
  • Willingness to comply with projects aims, ethos and Conditions of Residence.

NB: families with children over the age of 16 are unlikely to be accommodated because of the vulnerable nature of women within the house. We do not accept self-referrals for our women’s work.

Accommodation Provision: Rooms in a shared house with shared kitchen and communal lounge. Some cleaning supplies and free laundry facilities are provided for our residents.

Support: We provide one to one and group support. We also work with a variety of partner organisations to provide more specialist support such as immigration, parenting skills, counselling, health care services and improving their employability skills. The residents are expected to take part in a small amount of voluntary work tasks where possible with our partner social enterprise.

Please read our Conditions of Residence for further details.

Social Services Referral for Women

Please fill in the Referral form.

Please email: with the completed application form as attachment

For further information on Social Services placements please contact the Women’s Project on 07930 596332 or by email as stated above.