What we do


We provide short term accommodation and one to one support to our clients. We cater our support to meet an individual’s needs by taking into account their personal circumstances, aspirations and skill levels.

Our Men’s Work.

We work with single men aged 18 to 60, who are homeless and longer term unemployed and who can claim benefits. We also work with those who have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse. The aim is to break the vicious cycle of ‘No job no home’. In addition to providing accommodation we provide one to one support to encourage our residents to increase their employability skills through taking up training, volunteering etc. Support is provided to help residents to understand and manage their benefit claim. We also provide support to manage life on part-time jobs and with variable weekly/monthly incomes. Since zero hours and variable hour contracts are the norm today, these skills are vital if they are to maintain accommodation and independence once they move on from us. The conditions of residence have also been set to encourage a ‘jobs-led’ culture and develop domestic disciplines that are essential to holding down a paid job.

Our Work with Women and Children.

We work with women and children with no recourse to public funds. These are people who have, for a variety of unfortunate reasons, issues in relation to their immigration status. Some have been trafficked, others have been abandoned by the father of their children, some have fled domestic violence. Others have arrived or have been in this country as children of parents with insecure immigration status, with little or no connection to their parent’s country.

The mothers of these children are not allowed to work or claim any form of benefits. Consequently these women and children are very vulnerable and open to many forms of exploitation. Working with our partner organisations we support our clients to normalise their immigration status with the Home Office so that they can find work and more permanent accommodation. It is possible they may get their status settled in this country or return to the country of their or their parent’s origin.

We provide safe accommodation and practical support. We help mothers to gain confidence and life skills through referring to parenting groups and encouraging volunteering.   We help them to access individual counselling and appropriate community groups to develop and improve their English, parenting skills and understanding of the British way of life. Most importantly for many we assist them in working through and moving on from the trauma they have experienced in the past.